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5 things that indicate it is time to get new locks

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Are you wondering whether you have had your locks for too long? Are you asking just how many times you need to change your locks? Below are some signs and indications that tell you when you need to get new locks.

Rusty and faulty locks

When you have had your locks for such a long time that the keys begin to stick inside the lock, then it is time to change them. Or maybe they have began to rust and corrode which causes them to malfunction, then you should contact residential locksmith services and get new locks. A locksmith should be able to get the job done with ease and skill, allowing you to feel safe again in your home or office.

Invasion attempt

If you have had a burglary scare or an invasion attempt in your home or office, make sure to change your locks as soon as you can. The intruder may have acquired a key to your doors and you may not be too lucky next time. Make sure you are present when your residential locksmith changes your locks. Ask for other security options such as alarms, security cameras and keypad locks. Do not only change the locks to your outer doors but those of all the interior doors and windows too.

Lost keys

When the keys to your office go missing for more than a few hours, you should be cautious and call for locksmith services. Especially if the keys are the responsibility of one of your employees. Although the keys might be genuinely lost, you should also keep in mind that in the wrong hands, your business in vulnerable to intrusion. Ask your commercial locksmith to install new locks before the day ends just to be safe.

New doors

After renovations and space revamping, avoid using older locks on new doors. If you have decided to change the doors around your house then ask your residential locksmith to get new locks to go with them. The same applies for office doors. Enquire from a locksmith services provider about the best locks to go with your new doors before purchasing them.

New systems

When you are looking to change the locking systems of your doors whether for security or beautification reasons, then you should hire locksmith services. Perhaps you want to shift into keyless locks, or you want to add extra security to your doors. Maybe you just want to change the physical appearances of your current locks. Whichever reasons, your residential locksmith or commercial locksmith should be able to meet your preferences with professional skills.