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What Services Do Professional Locksmiths Offer?

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You may never need to call on a locksmith to help you in an emergency situation. However, many people do need them from time to time in non-emergency situations. Whether you have a job that needs to be dealt with immediately or you have a requirement for something that is a bit more routine, you may well ask yourself what locksmiths can do for you. Read on to discover more about the sort of tasks that professional locksmiths undertake in Australia every day of the week.

Emergency Call-Outs

An emergency locksmith will respond to a wide range of jobs over the course of an average week. Most of the rapid response jobs that they carry out are due to keys being lost. If you have locked yourself out of your home, then you will have to call upon the services of a locksmith to let you back in. In situations where you have lost your keys – or had them stolen – gaining access won't be enough on its own. In such cases, you'll want your locks changed in order to prevent unwarranted access. Again, this is the sort of job that emergency locksmith services can conduct for you.

Additional Keys

One of the main jobs that a typical locksmith will do is cut copies of keys. This is a skilled job which takes a careful approach. Most keys for mortice and tumble locks can be copied using a cutting machine known as a jig. However, the operation of these devices is not fully automated and the locksmith who is doing the work still needs to know exactly what he or she is doing or the key won't fit properly.

Lock Upgrades

Another locksmith service you may call upon at your home or business premises is to receive advice on how best to upgrade your building's security. Remember that nearly all locksmiths have experience with wider security measures and not just key locks. If you want a multi-point system to make your entrance door more secure, for example, then a locksmith will commonly carry out an inspection before recommending the most suitable products. The same goes for upgrading your window locks and providing additional security at other potential access points, such as skylights.

End of Tenancy Lock Changes

Landlords who have tenants who have recently moved out of their property will often want to change the locks. Even if the keys have been returned to you, there is no way of telling whether or not copies have been made. This is a routine job for professional locksmiths, who often conduct this sort of work without the landlord even needing to be present at the time.