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A locksmith isn't just for locks

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If you're locked out of your house, you need a key copied or your key snaps off in your lock, you call your locksmith. But there's much more to a modern locksmith than simply cutting keys and replacing door fittings. Today's locksmiths are security specialists who handle a wide range of different tasks. Here are some examples of the services you may not know they provide. 

Wireless access control systems

More and more business owners -- and some homeowners -- are moving away from traditional lock-and-key systems in favour of electronic access control systems. These devices open automatically in response to a keycard or a wireless device. They can also be centrally controlled from your computer or mobile device, allowing you to add or remove access permissions as needed; this is ideal for businesses who can add new employees or remove former ones without having to worry about keeping track of physical keys. They also keep track of entrances and exits, making it easy to tell when people are coming in and out. 

Alarms and security systems

Access control systems aren't the only security systems your locksmith can help with: many locksmiths also sell or install alarms and security cameras. Your locksmith may also be able to provide you with a security consultation, identifying areas of your home or business that could benefit from new or improved security systems. 

Safes and safe installation

If you have valuables or important documents that you want to keep safe from theft or fire, a safe is a good way to protect them while still keeping them close to hand. However, even the best safe is only as good as its installation. Talk to your locksmith about the different types of safes available and which one is right for your needs. Many locksmiths not only sell new safes but also provide refurbished safes. When buying a refurbished model, always look for the locksmith's guarantee, which replaces the original manufacturer's guarantee. 

Automotive keys

With the exception of a few older models, cars in Australia use electronic transponder keys. When these get damaged or lost, most people tend to go to the automotive dealership where they purchased the car. In fact, your locksmith may be able to create new electronic keys, recode old ones or repair damage, often at a lower cost than you would pay elsewhere. 

Modern home security is about more than just locks; it's an interconnected network of different security systems. If you're looking to improve the security of your home or business, your first stop should be a trusted locksmith.