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How a Locksmith Can Help You With Various Digital Access Lock Problems

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As a commercial business owner, deciding to use a digital access locking system may have been an easy choice for you. However, if you are like most people you likely considered the benefits of the locking system, but not what to do if there was an issue. Here are a few of the issues that can occur with digital access locking systems and how your locksmith can help.

Resetting Card Access

There will be times when your employees lose their digital access cards. You may also have times when you fire an employee and the card is not returned. This poses several issues for your security and safety within the building. Your locksmith can disable the card in the system. This means if the card is attempted, the system will lock it out. In some cases, your security system may also directly notify you when this happens. This can be done from a remote location using the software of the system. This can also be done by the locksmith when there is an emergent need to have the card deactivated. 

Rekeying Locks

There are several areas where you can place a digital locking system. The employees will need to have the code in order to gain entry. More advanced options will also have a retinal scan or fingerprint scan. There are times when these digital locks may receive damage. It may be damaged by a frustrated employee, an outside source trying to break in, or from an electric malfunction. The next step when this happens is to have the locks rekeyed. The rekeying step means replacing the digital keypad or resetting it depending on how badly damaged it is. This will wipe all the system memory and require it to be reestablished for each key card or access code. 

Accessing Lockdown Locks

There are several reasons your digital loving system may shut everyone out or lock down. It is still operational, but you may not be able to login or an entire group of employees may not be able to. Your locksmith can override these issues and access the locks. They can then take the steps necessary to reestablish the local and clear any issues that were causing the security lockdown. 

If you have any of these issues or if you have other concerns about the operation of your digital access locking system, contact your locksmith. They can discuss possible issues and the services they provide for them. If your system is an older model, the locksmith can also discuss upgrade options and installation if you feel a new upgrade may be helpful.