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5 Security Essentials for Bugging In During Apocalyptic Scenarios

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If you are worried about society collapsing and the inevitable crime waves that may accompany that, you may want to do a bit of prepping. Generally, prepping falls into two key categories: bugging out or bugging in, and it's best to prepare for both scenarios. If you end up bugging in, you need to ensure that your home is as safe as possible.

There are tons of home security techniques to consider, but in particular, if you want your home to be safe in apocalyptic conditions, here are some essentials to consider:

1. Strengthen Doors Against Battering Rams

If you want to be ready for the worst, you need more than just basic locks on your doors. You need doors and locks that can survive battering rams. To that end, consider replacing your existing doors with thick wood or metal security doors.

Then, have a locksmith put in heavy duty dead locks. It's important to remember that your deadlocks are only as strong as your door frames. Consider replacing wooden door frames with metal ones or at least reinforcing your existing door frames with strips of metal.

2. Add Lockable Metal Shutters Over Glass

The above tips help with standard doors, but what about patio doors and windows? For a cheap solution, you may just want to have plywood on hand to cover these portals. However, if you want as much protection as possible, you need to consider metal shutters. A locksmith can help you put locks on your shutters.

3. Opt for Mechanical Rather Than Electric

Whether you're buying locks for shutters, doors or other elements, it can be tempting to go for high tech, biometric locks, but remember, if you lose power, those locks may struggle to work. Stay away from anything that requires electricity or batteries to work. Instead, stick with old fashioned mechanical locks.

4. Add Solar Security Lights

Lighting can be an important part of a home security plan in all circumstances, but if you're planning for apocalyptic conditions, you don't want to rely on electrics. For lights, consider investing in ones that are solar powered. These lights soak up energy during the day and help deter thieves and vandals at night.

5. Secure Your Food and Water

If you're dealing with social collapse, most thieves won't be interested in diamonds or gold. As a result, you don't need to focus on securing these items as you would in normal circumstances. However, your food and water need to be well secured. Again, a locksmith can help.

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