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How to Avoid Being Locked Out Without Compromising Your Security

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Being locked out of your home can be a nuisance, and it's smart to take steps to prevent it. However, it's also important not to put your home's security at risk when you do so. Here are a few tips on protecting yourself from a lockout -- and what to do if you do find yourself unable to get into your home. 

Establish a key routine

Keeping your keys in a prominent place will help stop you from accidentally leaving them behind. Establish a routine; put your keys in the same place every time you return home and take them with you every time you leave. A hook or dish near the door is a good place to keep your keys. It may take some time to develop the habit, but it's the cheapest and simplest way to make sure you always know where your keys are. 

Make a duplicate

If you do leave your keys inside, you'll want a backup. A locksmith can create a duplicate key for you quickly and cheaply, so be sure to have a spare made before you need one. It's much less expensive to get a spare key made than to call out an emergency locksmith. 

Store it safely

Once you've had your backup key made, you'll need somewhere to put it. Many people put a spare key in an easily accessible location such as under a flowerpot, on top of a door frame or inside a false rock. These locations are so common that they're well-known to would-be intruders and represent a risk to your home's security. Instead, leave your spare key with a trusted friend, neighbour or relative you can call in case of emergency. 

Know your locksmith

If you ever find yourself locked out of the house and can't get access to your spare key, you're going to need to call a 24/7 locksmith. As with creating a spare key and establishing a routine, preparation is important here. Look up the number of your nearest emergency locksmith and program it into your phone or keep it in a convenient place. If you ever get locked out, you'll know who to call to let you in. The number of a qualified locksmith can come in handy in many other situations, too. 

Being locked out of your home can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience, but a little preparation can avoid it -- and if it does happen, preparation can help you deal with it quickly.