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4 Compelling Reasons to Re-key Rather than Replace Your Locks

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You may be thinking about changing your locks because you lost a key, are moving into a new property, or for some other reason. In any case, you should seriously consider re-keying those locks instead of replacing them entirely. Instead of removing the old locks and then adding new ones, re-keying simply involves changing the pins inside the lock so they fit around a new key.

Here are just four reasons you should consider re-keying instead of replacing your locks.

1. Reduced Time and Cost

It's a relatively simple procedure to re-key a lock. In fact, it's possible for someone with a few tools and a bit of DIY knowledge to perform the task themselves using a store-bought kit, although it's recommended for most people to call out a professional. Even if you do call a locksmith, re-keying won't take as long or cost as much as replacing your locks. This is partly due to the reduced complexity of the task and partly because you won't need to pay for anything new apart from the pins.

2. Keep Your Existing Handles and Locks

When you replace a lock, you need to go out and look for new hardware that matches your door and home. This can be surprisingly tricky, and you might find that there isn't a design similar to the one you just got rid of. That's not a huge annoyance, but it's certainly more convenient to be able to keep your current hardware. 

3. Rekey Several Doors at Once

One of the great things about re-keying is that you can adjust several doors to take the same key. All that needs to be done is for the pins to be configured in exactly the same way, so you won't need to carry as many keys around with you. If you've begun to find that your keychain has become a little crowded, this can be very convenient. If you replace your locks, you'll have a different key for each one. 

4. Zero Door Maintenance

One of the problems with replacing a lock is that some work will usually need to be done to the door. Locks will typically be of slightly different shapes or sizes, so the screw holes will need to be in different positions. If some are left uncovered by the new lock, you'll need to cover them over, and the result will probably look a little messy. Even if you don't have any holes to worry about, adding a new lock means that your paint lines won't be the same, and some sections of the door will show more fading from exposure to the elements and UV light. Re-keying avoids such issues.