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5 Criteria to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Safes

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Buying a used safe can be a great way to save money, but if you want to ensure that your safe works as it should, there are key things you need to keep in mind whilst looking. In particular, keep an eye out for these essentials:

1. Changeable Locks

You don't want to buy a used safe that the former owner can still access to. For instance, if you buy a keyed safe, you have no guarantee that the old owner doesn't still have a copy of the key. In those cases, you may want to ensure that the keyed lock has been replaced.

Otherwise, consider opting for locks that are changeable. That may include electronic or biometric locks that you can reset as desired.  

2. Not Subjected to Break-ins or Other Damage

In addition to ensuring the locks are secure, you want to ensure that the safe hasn't been damaged. If it was exposed to break ins, fire or water, that could compromise its integrity. As a result, your items aren't that safe.

3. No Damage From Anchors

In other cases, nothing may have happened to the safe, but it may have damage from being anchored to the wall or floor. Australian law requires you to anchor your gun safes, so if you are buying a gun safe in particular, it's even more critical to examine it for damage due to screws or other hardware that may have gone through the surface of the safe.

4. Original Paperwork

If possible, you may want to look for used safes that have the original paperwork intact. That way you can get detailed and accurate information on the safe's fire safety rating, its waterproof qualities, and similar items.

If the seller does not have the original paperwork, find out the make and model of the safe. Then, check with the original manufacturer. Some manufacturers have product descriptions, paperwork and warranty information available on their website for free download. If the manufacturer doesn't have that information, you may be able to contact them directly and request it.

5. Certified Reconditioned

When buying second-hand safes directly from a previous owner, you have to take their word on its condition. They may not tell the truth about fire damage or expected break ins. To ensure that the safe you buy is in working condition, you may want to work with a company that offers certified reconditioned safes. Then, you get the cost savings of buying used without any of the worries about quality.