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A Guide into the Different Cabinet Handles Shapes and Finishes

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When you buy a home or an apartment, chances are the developer or interior décor person has already gone ahead to install cabinet handles on all the doors. While this may seem a cost-saving advantage, at times the materials used, the shapes, and finishes for the pull handles may not match your preferences and taste of style. However, before changing the handles, you must have a picture of what you exactly want so that the replacement process can go on seamlessly. If you are wondering what options are available for the handle shapes and finishes, below is some information to start you off.

Cabinet Handle Shapes There are a range of styles available including customised cabinet handles. Among the common styles include: Cabinet Knobs – Knobs are compact, small handles which only require a single hole for installation. They vary in size and materials thereby giving you a wide range of choice depending on the need at hand. When installing cabinet knobs in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet rooms, you should ensure they have a solid grip because they can become slippery. Long Cabinet Handles – These consist of a raised bar which is firmly attached to the cabinet on each end. Because of their size, they are much easier to grasp and are more secure. However, one of their downsides is that they need two anchors to the cabinet which means drilling two holes and fixing two screws per handle. This amounts to extra labour during installation. The other handle shape is the extra-long handle which is more or less an extension of the long cabinet handle, but more stronger and comprising three anchor holes instead of two.

Cabinet Handle Finishes Cabinet handles come in multiple finishes to complement your cabinet's look in different environments. Some of the commonly used finishes include: Polished Metal – This finish gives the handles a smooth and reflective appearance. It is attractive and easily catches the light to draw the eye to the entire cabinet. It is suitable for cabinets that are easy to wipe off because frequent handling can leave grime, dirt, and fingerprints marks. Satin Finish – Here, the handle material is gently sanded to give a soft and elegant finish. Compared to polished metals, satin finishes are considered to give a more contemporary look. Since this finish is versatile, it accommodates a variety of décor styles. Other finishes include antiqued metals, hammered metals, rustic finishes and porcelain finishes. Through pull handles, you can change the overall look of any room and give your property an edge in the market.