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5 things that indicate it is time to get new locks

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Are you wondering whether you have had your locks for too long? Are you asking just how many times you need to change your locks? Below are some signs and indications that tell you when you need to get new locks. Rusty and faulty locks When you have had your locks for such a long time that the keys begin to stick inside the lock, then it is time to change them. Read More»

4 Important Things That You Can Learn from Your Locksmith

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Most people will only call a locksmith when they are locked out of their houses or cars. While this is one of the times that you should contact a locksmith, there are several other situations whereby their advice can be useful.  The best locks to buy While doing their work, locksmiths come across numerous locks and keys. They are therefore in the best position to tell you which locks you should buy and which ones you should avoid. Read More»